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Beautiful Bumps

There is something magical about being pregnant – despite all of the discomfort and niggles! You are growing a new life, a unique person, and your body is amazing. I would love to photograph your pregnancy and show you how beautiful you and your bump really are! 

Your maternity session is best scheduled for any time in your 32nd-36th week, when your bump is looking gorgeous but before you are feeling too uncomfortable. That said, every woman is different and this is just a guideline, you can book as early or as late as you please! 

Maternity sessions typically last between 1 and 2 hours and can take place in a location of your choosing or I can select a location for you. I can also provide you with stunning maternity drapes to wear or you may select one or two outfits of your own that you feel good in. 

To optimize the experience it may be a great time to combine your session with having your hair and make-up done by a professional hair and make-up artist to ensure that you look and feel fabulous for your time in front of the camera, although this is not essential. 

Following your session, you’ll want to show off your new photographs at their very best; I offer a variety of personally selected, luxurious albums and canvases and other premium products available for purchase, in addition to digital files which can be purchased within a package or as a digital only collection. 

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